“Eyes and ears, people. Eyes and ears.”

ZEDNODE is dedicated to fun and challenging gaming on carefully configured servers where people of all ages and skill levels are welcome to play their favorite games.

While playing on our servers, we ask that you follow a few basic rules.  Please remember that you are responsible for following the rules on all |ZED| game servers.  Club |Zed| members are expected to follow the rules just like everyone else.

Bill will deal decisively with trolls, complainers, hackers, and any other bad actors.

  • Have fun, play nice and help your teammates

  • No team killing

  • No foul language in chat or voice comms

  • No offensive player names or sprays

  • No mic/chat/vote spamming

  • No advertising of other websites, servers, clans, etc.

  • Don’t camp to farm points or experience

  • Don’t play with safe room doors

  • Don’t exploit server features/player abilities

  • No rushing

  • No team switching/stacking in Versus

  • |ZED| tags are only for Zedmins & Club |ZED| members!